the brilliantly funny Lily Tomlin


Got to see the brilliantly funny Lily Tomlin last night, along with about 3,000 other folks in the gigantic ballroom at Seven Feathers Casino & Hotel in Canyonville, Oregon.

As a general rule, I don’t care for casinos, no matter how nice they are, and this is a really nice one. So, my being willing to walk through miles and miles of cigarette smoke, clanging machines, insane lights flashing, and the blank and lost look on the faces of people who’ve been sitting at those machines for hours gambling away their paychecks tells you how much I love Lily Tomlin.

She was wonderful, as always, allowing all of us to adore her and to laugh at her jokes, floating away on the memories of our lives her humor evokes in us. Saw lots of friends there, too. Great evening in southern Oregon. JS


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