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Jody Seay wrote most of the Songs for "Bunkin' with You in the Afterlife"

BroadArts Theater in Portland, Oregon produced Jody Seay’s cowgirl musical full of rambunctious fun and a deep message.

Jody Seay is an accomplished songwriter. She weaves a deep message with a wry Texas sense of humor into the fabric of this play. Home-spun simplicity and heartfelt lyrics typify Jody Seay’s style in Bunkin’ with You in the Afterlife.

Listen to Bunkin’ With You in the Afterlife.

“I’s just a beautiful, beautiful song, Jody.” – Melinda Pittman, referring to Jody’s original song, BRAVE ENOUGH TO BE PEACEFUL, featured in Bunkin’ with You in the Afterlife.

I want to Hire Jody to Write Music / Lyrics for my Next Project, Now!

Jody Partnered with Melinda Pittman

Melinda Pittman, the Creative Director of BroadArts Theatre in Portland, Oregon, is a genius, and also a good friend. The electrons in her brain spin at an astounding rate. Mine? Not so much. Regardless of that, when she called one day and said, “I’ve decided I want BroadArts to produce the cowgirl musical you and I have talked about forever,” I replied, “GREAT!” Then she told me, “Here’s the thing, though: You have to write it.” When I reminded her that I’d never actually written a play before – ever – she just said, “Get a book.”

Well. I didn’t get a book. What I did, instead, was sit down and begin writing songs. Now, I don’t actually write music; don’t really even read it very well. I do, however, have a bit of a knack for making up tunes and writing lyrics, so that’s what I did. And, because our musicians and singers were so talented, here’s how we made it work. I’d write a song, sing it into Melinda’s I-Phone. She’d play it for the band and cast and they would just go with it. The end result is exquisite – what may be the world’s first lesbian cowgirl musical, called BUNKIN’ WITH YOU IN THE AFTERLIFE, and, in all honesty, it is one of the best things I’ve ever written. Never having attempted to create a play or musical before, it’s hard to know, but I am very, very pleased with the outcome. It is funny, tender, thought-provoking and inspirational—all of the things we go to the theater to experience.

A Deep Spiritual Purpose for Bunkin’ With You in the Afterlife

My goal in creating this musical was two-fold: 1) I wanted to confront, in a respectful and humorous way, all of the major religions which feel they must be at war with each other in order to prove theirs is the only path when, in fact, it’s just one mountain with many roads. At least, that’s how I see it, and I think millions of other people do, too. 2) I have grown weary of seeing the spiritual lives of gays and lesbians being marginalized; like our spirituality doesn’t count because we are not heterosexual, to which I say, “PHOOEY,” and that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever said about it. This musical, BUNKIN’ WITH YOU IN THE AFTERLIFE, accomplishes both of those purposes.

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