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We are Stories… But there is always a Story Behind the Story

We are more than words, more than language. We are stories – each of us, a collection of tales of triumph and joy, sagas of loss and mourning. We are, individually and collectively, a genetic mish-mash of family history, of well-turned phrases, stories told and then re-told, of crackpot ideas, and even occasional piercing brilliance. The soup pot of stories into which we have all tumbled like chunks of turnips now bubbles and stews with us, softening our centers, turning us golden around the edges, making us vulnerable and oh-so-human, and so very much more the same than different. This is what we learn through the telling and the writing of stories.

This is a show about the story behind the story, the real scoop, the inspiration. It is not designed to make anybody mad, nor to feed an over-exuberant ego. It is simply a way for viewers to get to know Pacific Northwest writers and to be allowed a peek at the back page, to find out what the motivation was for each book written, every story told. It is a way for us to discover our commonalties and appreciate them rather than staring in rage or bewilderment at our differences.

Words matter; we surely must know that by now. They inspire us, ignite us, open our hearts, and make us laugh ’til tears stream down our cheeks. We are connected by them, mind to mind, heart to heart. In the end, what we know is that words tell our stories, lighting our way on this bumpy, human path, reminding us, as our shoulders brush against each other’s in the darkness, that we are all in this together, making our way home.


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This was my BIG IDEA

In 2004, I came up with this big idea of having a TV program wherein I get to interview Oregon authors. I decided to call the show BACK PAGE because sometimes, when you flip to the back page of a book, you can find out some scoop about the author, and maybe even a little about the motivation behind the story. ‘Lo and behold, it has come to pass! I have been sitting down each month and taping interviews with some of the most interesting people and finding out more than they probably thought they were going to tell me in the first place – not only about what they have written, but what they are working on now and, most importantly, why they do what they do at all!

This 30-minute program is now airing at various times across the state of Oregon into Washington on Oregon Public Broadcasting, Oregon WIN (Oregon Wireless Instructional Network). Check your local listings for times and channels.

The Pacific Northwest is a literature-loving part of the country, so we are blessed, not only with people who love to read, but who also love to write – and they do it very, very well. Craig Lesley, Melinda Pittman, Tom Spanbauer, Carmen Bernier-Grand, Marc Acito, Judith Barrington, Molly Gloss, Larry Colton, Geronimo Tagatac, and former Governor Barbara Roberts are just a few of the many fine authors we’ve been privileged to have on the show.

So, for lively conversation and some insight to the story behind the story, please join us for BACK PAGE on OPB and Oregon WIN!

The love of literature and reverence for the written word help illuminate the path toward an enlightened world. You can be one of the torch-bearers helping to bring that about by donating to Back Page with Jody Seay. Don’t waste your disposable income on liquor and trips to the casino – THINK BIGGER! THINK LITERACY! THINK CULTURE! And, don’t forget, your highly-appreciated donations to our 501 (c) (3) are completely tax deductible using our SECURE transaction page via PayPal.


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  1. coke miller

    I LOVE your program on OPB. I watch them even when they are re-runs. I might have missed something the first time around. Your program is aired on Sunday AM on the east side of the mts., watch you w/my cup of coffee & note pad to write down names of authors & books to request from the library. THANK YOU for spending Sunday AM with me.


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