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Jody Spouts Off – My first blog entry – BLOGGONIT!™

Bloggonit! is the Trademarked Name of Jody's Seay's Blog. Yep, This Texan has a TM

Jody Spouts Off in her blog – BLOGGONIT!™

“Well, I can’t wait to Blog on it… Doggone it!” – Jody Seay

BLOGGONIT!™ is my place to spout off on whatever is rollin’ around in my brain. From heartfelt messages to an occasional snotty letter, my blog runs the gamut, sometimes from A to B, and sometimes from A to Z, of ideas and issues I hold close. As I say at the close of each BACK PAGE episode: “Remember, we’re all in this together – more the same than different. Do your best.”

Don’t be shy; please reply. Read it, connect and enjoy!