Jody Seay "Rolfing" interview in Lubbock, Texas

Jody Seay (Certified Rolfer) talks about the benefits of Rolfing with Cheryl Benoit (Chief Wellness Officer) at pforymWELL, a leader in bringing alternative therapies to Lubbock, TX.

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jody_rolfing “Thank you for the gift of knowing my body. Rolfing has opened me up and propelled me forward”. – Jeanne B., Dallas, Texas

“Rolfing is one of the most powerful forms of bodywork I’ve ever experienced. Jody is a gifted and intuitive healer.” – Sue Sullivan, Portland, Oregon

“With Jody’s Rolfing sessions, not only do you get the best hands in the business, but you also get the biggest heart. What more could you ask for?” – Jay Alvarro, LMT, Portland, Oregon


Jody Seay is a an Advanced Certified Rolfer – Honest, that’s a good thing!

Since 1980, I have been a Rolfer, a person trained in the bodywork process of Structural Integration developed by Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D., over 60 years ago. I limped into it. Reconstructive knee surgery in 1975 left me with a stiff leg, so I originally went to be Rolfed just to stand up straighter and not walk so weird. I’d never heard of Rolfing before; had no idea of the power of this particular type of bodywork, no inkling that the work itself and the people associated with it would change my life so profoundly. My training was completed in 1980 at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. I became an Advanced Certified Rolfer upon the completion of my Advanced Training in 1985.

Dr. Rolf was a brilliant woman and a pioneer in the ideas of transformational bodywork. What she really wanted to do was create a more functionally efficient human being, one that would last longer, look better and feel better while lasting. The web of connective tissue throughout the body (called fascia) was her mode for affecting deep and lasting change in the human structure. Because of its malleability, Dr. Rolf often referred to the human body as a “plastic medium”, one that could be brought into proper alignment at almost any stage of life. Over time, she developed a ten-session series designed to do just that and, later, developed the five-session Advanced Series.

I have Rolfing practices in Portland, Oregon, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. I also do occasional Rolfing in Roseburg, Oregon. I travel to Tulsa every month and group the sessions in a particular way, usually seeing each client twice while I’m in town. I have 34 plus years of experience helping my clients transform their posture and alignment. The cost per session is $150. Contact information is listed below. Please contact me for the current schedule.

Portland, OR

Jody Seay Studio of Rolfing

Call for appointments

Tulsa, OK

Upcoming dates: October 10 – 21, 2019
c/o Stephen Saunders
207 E. 27th St. (2 blocks west of Peoria)
(918) 605-6508 to schedule


9 thoughts on “Rolfing

  1. Jody Seay

    Hi, Jenny (and whoever else would like this information)…I will be rolfing again in Tulsa 6/7 – 6/12/13. Call Stephen Saunders @ (918) 605-6508 to schedule appts. Thank you. I forgot to change my web site and now I can’t figure out how to without help. Sorry, folks.

  2. Jody Seay

    For anyone who’s interested, I’ll be heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma to do some rolfing this week and will be working there 7/19-7/24/13. Call Stephen Saunders @ (918) 605-6508 to schedule appts. Thank you.

  3. Jody Seay

    For my upcoming rolfing trip to Tulsa, 9/6 – 9/11/13, I will be handling the scheduling. So, if you are interested in scheduling any rolfing sessions, please give me a call on my cell phone, (541) 637-6511. Thank you. Jody Seay

  4. christy perry

    Hello, I’m writing regarding my father who lives with my mother in Snyder, OK. My father has nerve issues in his legs. He hurts all the time from his hips down. Can Rolfing help him with this. I’d love to work out some way for him to see you when you’re in Tulsa. He has been seen by doctors, chiropractors with no success. Thank you, Christy

  5. Jody Seay

    Hi, Christy Perry: Can you give me a call so we can talk about your Dad’s issues? I think that would be the easiest thing to do. Evenings are best and we are two hours behind you out here in Oregon. My cell phone is (541) 637-6511. I will be rolfing in Tulsa pretty soon, 9/6 – 9/11/13. Hope to hear from you. Thank you. Jody Seay

  6. Rhonda Shelley

    I am very interested in Rolfing. I have had several years of pain in upper shoulder and lower back. Due to a car accident years ago. I haven’t been able to get any relief. Would be very interested in trying this.

  7. Steffanie Powers

    I was in a car wreck and a friend told me Rolfing is the only thing that has permanently helped him. I’ve read this is a ten session process and I would like to know more about this, as well as availability in Tulsa. Thank you!

  8. Charles Abney

    I am living proof that rolfing works. When I started my trade as a diesel tech in 1976 the doctor told me that I had a curvature of the pine and that it may give me trouble when the body reaches 35 and older, he also said that due to my small frame ( 5″” 6″; 115 lbs) may add to the potential problem..

    In the early part of 1981 massage partner told me about rolfing, how helpful it was for him. Based on his advice I found her, had 10 sessions, plus some tweak sections. The payoff has been fantastic, In 61 years, the back has not been a problem, everything worked out great I am thankful to know and have her help.

    I hope this helps.
    Please take care and be safe everyone. Thanks very much Jody.


  9. Mia Kelley

    I’ve read Rolfing is a ten session process and I would like to know more about this and the possibility of it helping w/ a situation I currently have. I will be calling you 2 make an appt. w/ you in Tulsa when you are in Tulsa again.


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