Walking with Toby in the rain


We just got back from a pretty drenching walk through some wooded area between the VA, the golf course and the frisbee golf course. We took Toby with us this time, too, so he could have an adventure, but we didn’t want to wear out his knee, so we packed up Jackson’s wagon and a couple of blankets and put Toby in there. He got out to run and pee and sniff a few times. Beyond that, we pulled him in the wagon. The rain was coming down pretty solidly, though, by the time we got to the turnaround spot, so we got quite soaked, and we are home now, drying out.
I did my personal best, however, of 20 second blasts, which was 12 yesterday. Did 14 today, and I lost track of the number of side crunches because there weren’t exactly corners on this route we walked and, besides, when it began to rain so hard, we sort of hot-footed it out of there.
At any rate, I’m glad we did it and I know we both feel better when we get a good walk in. Toby is pretty zonked right now, though, and is asleep on his blanket on the couch, which looks more and more appealing.

Hey want to see something fun?  Stef & Toby in a wagon trip Stephanie Neyhart said, “Jody, Toby and I had a wonderful walk with an added accommodation for Toby’s back knees… he walks some, he rides some. Toby then said he wanted to take the hill, so we did. Love his spirit, and Jody’s ability to launch into the moment and catch it on video!!! My first video edit, lol…”


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