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Jody Seay – April 2006 – Portland, Oregon

“Jody Seay is a wonderful speaker – smart, funny, wise – in that Texas-woman smarty-pants kind of way. Ann Richards and Molly Ivins would be proud. I would recommend Jody Seay as a public speaker for any event.”  – Bill Bradbury, Oregon Secretary of State

“If ever there was a woman born to chat, it is Jody Seay.” – Carrie Hoops, former Executive Director of Oregon Literary Arts

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One of the things I’ve learned over the past few years of doing readings and book signings is that there’s something in my solar plexus turning a happy little flip whenever we have all connected, whether through laughter or tears, and a voice inside my head that whispers, God, I love this. It’s time to pay attention to that voice, which I have begun doing in the past few years by becoming a public speaker. Doing so has seemed to be a natural evolution for someone who likes to talk as much as I do.

I spoke at a fund-raiser in October 2000 for Oregon’s Secretary of State, Bill Bradbury, where I was introduced by Govenor Kitzhaber. In September, 2003, I was the keynote speaker at the Northcoast Redwoods Writer’s Conference in Crescent City, California. In Feburary, 2004, I gave a lecture at the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa Campus, then spoke for two hours to Dr. Jody Anderson’s class on sexism and homophobia in America. In May, 2004, I gave a similar lecture to the Women’s Studies class at Portland State University. Other possibilities are in the works now, but I’m waiting until contracts are signed before adding them to the list.

I have a promotional DVD and/or VHS produced, along with a completely self-congratulatory propaganda packet with letters of recommendation so sweet they’ll make your teeth hurt. Nonetheless, I’m proud of them all. If you or an organization you know of is looking for a speaker, please know that my fee is negotiable, and I stay ready to go. Also, in case you are wondering if my talents as a speaker can match up with your event, here’s the truth: if I do my research properly and surround myself with good words, both of which I can easily do, then I can talk to anybody about anything. I am from Texas, after all.




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