A Long Walk Today


Today’s walk was my longest one yet. Stef said she kept looking across the street, thinking, maybe, that I’d stopped in to visit with Joanie & Eldon, but I had not – I will go over and see them later on today.

So, I went up the hill, then, down the hill, hung a right and headed down Aunt Debby & Uncle Steve’s street (they sometimes babysit with Toby.) Then, I hung a left and went another block, took another left and then another left on the street beside our house. However, rather than just walking the 3 blocks home, I walked a couple of blocks and turned left onto Ethelyn’s street, down her street, then a right for a block and then, another right onto our street. All in all, this incorporated 12/20 second blasts and 9 sets of 20 side crunches at almost every street corner. Phew. Glad I had those corn chips earlier or I’d be out of steam right now.

So, in other news, Vladimir Putin still seems to be in charge of our government because Donald and the Republicans still think it’s more important for Oleg Deripaska to get his money than our own government workers who have already missed one paycheck and are now headed for another one. What a great group of folks! MAGA, YEAH, BUDDY! JS


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