Big weekend, this one. Our KZEW 2015 REUNION was so much fun! I was delighted to see so many old friends from radio days, just as I was delighted to have participated, way back in the 1970’s, in a Dallas/Ft.Worth station that rocked FM radio out of the elevator and into the ears and hearts of so many listeners for so long.

I left the ZOO in 1979 to go off to the Rolf Institute in Boulder to learn how to become a Rolfer.

A lot can happen to our butts, bellies and hair in 36 years, most of it not so good. What doesn’t seem to change, though, is the love we felt for each other while working at that radio station. It was there way back then and, I’m happy to report, I still feel it now. I’m catching a plane this morning and heading back to Oregon with such wonderful memories scatter-gunning themselves around in my heart. What a great weekend. Wow. JS


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