Knee Surgery Tomorrow


Surgery is @ 7:30am, Portland time, tomorrow.

Met with my handsome and brilliant surgeon today, Dr.Dub (Dr. Weintraub) and I came away feeling very taken care of, as is always my experience with him and his office staff.

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers, everyone. It really means a lot to me – HONEST. Stef will post on FB tomorrow, so you’ll know if the power of prayer and collective intention is, as I’ve always said, a vibrant and mighty force, or if it was actually my time to graduate early. That way, you’ll know whether to cheer or to begin searching for a dark suit to wear. Just kidding. I’m not anticipating anything going wrong. I think everything will be just fine.

We are staying in Portland tonight @ the lovely and beautifully comfortable home of my friend, Mary Vander Linden and are being entertained by her funny cat, Manni. In a little while, we are going to grab a bite to eat at a place down by the river called The Muddy Rudder.

I am blessed by being partnered with the best person I know and by the golden glow of your support and friendship. Hugs. JS


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