A big bag of beef bones


Every few weeks, I trundle out to the highway toward Diamond Lake and buy a big bag of beef bones – they will cut them up for me (down to less than Brontosaurus size). I bring the bones home, throw them into a big pan, sprinkle with granulated garlic and a little black pepper, then roast them for an hour or so. These are special treats for Toby, especially if we are going somewhere and he’s going to be here alone for several hours. I want him to be occupied and happy.

Well. Last night, ALL the dogs got a special bone as a Christmas treat.

One of Sam’s giant dogs, Monroe, nailed Toby on Christmas Eve, so he was pretty traumatized and we decided just to keep them separated. I think it began as play, but escalated quickly and she grabbed him by the neck and pinned him. Of course, he screamed and screamed. We gave him some Medi-Cam and have been watching him. I think he is fine, just sore. And, the thing about Monroe is that she’s so lovable and so forgivable that I couldn’t give everybody a special Christmas treat bone and leave her out; besides, I don’t think it’s occurred to her that what she did was a bad thing.

Anyway, so that’s where we are with the animals today. Toby is eating and drinking and did fine on his walk yesterday, so our battered little soldier will live to fight another day. Sure shook him up, though, as it did us. Don’t want to take a chance on it happening again. And, now I have to go buy some more bones. JS


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