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Hey, anybody know where I can buy some of those dishtowels that have been crocheted on the end by little old ladies so that you can hang them on your fridge handle?

Usually, they have a button sewn on there or some ties of some sort.I really like them and the dishtowel lies nice and flat against the front of the fridge, as opposed to getting stuck in the door if we just hang a towel through the handle.

We used to have about a thousand of those that Stef’s Mum made, but then Sarah cleaned out our kitchen drawers one time when I was gone and those went away. I’m not saying she swiped them; I think she didn’t understand how much we like them and she chunked them. Now, we have only one and it is quite threadbare.

Anyway, if anybody’s mother or grandmother is still making those, I’d like to buy some. Just let me know. JS

M.H.: I googled Dish Towel, Crochet Top and got a bunch of hits. Some were instructions on how to make them (You Tube videos even); some were places that sell them.

S.T.: Try etsy.

Jody: Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Just bought 2 of these at the Roseburg Sr. Ctr. for five bucks each. Larry, the most enthusiastic, gigantic man you might ever meet, called his sister (who makes these – their Mom taught her how to do this) and his brother-in-law brought them up to the center just as I arrived there. Larry swears he can get more of them – all he has to do is light a fire under his sister, and five bucks per towel ought to do it. So, anyway, for now, at least, I have a source (the sister) and a dealer, too (Larry.)

S.P.: God I haven’t thought of those in years my grandmother also had those!!

D,H.: I love those towels. No grandma I knew had them, but I got one at a art fair once and used it until it just dissolved into dust. Wahhhh! Going to a local senior center is a fabulous idea.


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