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Beautiful Rogue River Hovercraft Ride


We are heading down to the beautiful Rogue River today to go on a hovercraft ride up the river for an hour or so, then we will have a scrumptious dinner at one of the lovely lodges up the Rogue – only accessible by boat – before we head back. Should be a fabulous day on the river.

I’ve only been on the Rogue once before, and it’s one of the most powerful and gorgeous rivers in Oregon, really something to experience. I was with a bunch of friends there about 20 yrs. ago and we all really got clobbered on that last kayak run – boats and paddles everywhere, my Chapstick swirling ’round and ’round in a whirlpool, people having to be rescued (no names mentioned) by others who actually knew what they were doing. When we stopped for lunch, someone noticed a slice in my leg and blood running down to my ankle, plus a giant bruise on my other leg. “Wow,” she said, “you really got smacked!”

I wiped the blood off my foot. “Oh, this?” I asked. “Well, this is where I had to save Robin and Nanbo from drowning while ago (which, as we all knew, was a totally false, humorous joke.)

She pointed to my bruise. “What happened here?”

There was no time to think up something as heroic as I wanted to, so I just told the truth. “Oh, this one? Well, this one…uh…this one…this one is where I hit my leg on the car door at the Taco Bell on the way down here.”

I don’t think today will be nearly so exciting or adventurous, but I bet it will be fun. And memorable. JS




Big weekend, this one. Our KZEW 2015 REUNION was so much fun! I was delighted to see so many old friends from radio days, just as I was delighted to have participated, way back in the 1970’s, in a Dallas/Ft.Worth station that rocked FM radio out of the elevator and into the ears and hearts of so many listeners for so long.

I left the ZOO in 1979 to go off to the Rolf Institute in Boulder to learn how to become a Rolfer.

A lot can happen to our butts, bellies and hair in 36 years, most of it not so good. What doesn’t seem to change, though, is the love we felt for each other while working at that radio station. It was there way back then and, I’m happy to report, I still feel it now. I’m catching a plane this morning and heading back to Oregon with such wonderful memories scatter-gunning themselves around in my heart. What a great weekend. Wow. JS


Dogwood trees


Dogwood trees were a glorious idea, their pink and white flowers like delicate, fluttery eyelashes of color winking at me as I walk along the neighborhood streets in Tulsa. Wow.

Azaleas, too, mostly in the loveliest reddish-fuscia color; they poof out from every cluster of shrubbery – so beautiful.

Spring is on the loose here in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Feeling grateful this morning that I have eyes with which to see how pretty it all is. I hope all of you enjoy your day, too. JS


Easter picnic lunches


Easter celebrations, when I was a kid, always included (after church, of course) a picnic lunch with my mother’s side of the family, usually at Samuell’s Park, in Dallas, although sometimes we opted for Kiest Park.

A baked ham was accompanied by deviled eggs, baked beans, potato salad and coleslaw, sometimes even Aunt Edna’s world-famous pea salad, if we begged sweetly enough and badgered her into submission. How everyone managed to get all that food into their cars with all those kids, too, is mind-boggling.

And, that wasn’t all! Of course, we had to bring a football, baseball gloves, bats, balls, and even the stuff to build kites, hide Easter eggs and the croquet set – plus!

Who could forget dessert?

Certainly not my tribe, so Mama Loyes always made her very special, diabetic-coma-inducing triple layer German Chocolate Cake, which weighed about 40 lbs., but was so huge even our clan couldn’t gobble it all up in one afternoon. One year, Mama Loyes forgot to bring coffee cups (since she always had coffee in that plaid thermos of hers, but had lost the lid/cup years before,) so my mother fashioned coffee cups out of aluminum foil just for that day so the grown-ups could enjoy some coffee with their slab of cake. It’s a nice memory for me.

I hope all of you are busy on this day of gathering and spiritual celebration making memories with the people you love. It’s one of the reasons we are here, I think, trundling along together, creating some sweet memories which make us look back on our lives with a smile. JS


Beautiful March


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – lots of sunshine and beautiful flowers. Lots of bees, too, for which I am grateful. Keeping the bee population in a healthy place will help keep our food costs down and everyone is happy.

Hey, anybody know when we’re supposed to plant lettuce up here in the Pacific NW? I’m thinking it might be March, in which case, I’d better do it today since we are about to run out of March. JS


the brilliantly funny Lily Tomlin


Got to see the brilliantly funny Lily Tomlin last night, along with about 3,000 other folks in the gigantic ballroom at Seven Feathers Casino & Hotel in Canyonville, Oregon.

As a general rule, I don’t care for casinos, no matter how nice they are, and this is a really nice one. So, my being willing to walk through miles and miles of cigarette smoke, clanging machines, insane lights flashing, and the blank and lost look on the faces of people who’ve been sitting at those machines for hours gambling away their paychecks tells you how much I love Lily Tomlin.

She was wonderful, as always, allowing all of us to adore her and to laugh at her jokes, floating away on the memories of our lives her humor evokes in us. Saw lots of friends there, too. Great evening in southern Oregon. JS