Saying good-bye to Bruce


We said good-bye to Bruce yesterday, the 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback, who’s been just sitting there for a long, long time. He has now gone to help raise some $$$ for Saving Grace Animal Shelter in Roseburg.

One of Bruce’s tires had gone flat, so we found a bicycle pump that would work and pumped it back up which, we figured, involved about a thousand pumps from each of us. Then, a quick trip to the DMV to do some paperwork, a trip out to Saving Grace to do more paperwork, then we cleaned Bruce out and drove him to the donation drop-off.

It is amazing how much crap we carry around in our cars – have you ever noticed? My friend Christ Czarnecki calls her truck her “purse.”

Anyway, it’s all done and we are glad Bruce will have a new home and that he will help raise some money for such a good organization. And, it’s one more car we don’t have to insure or worry about. Hooray for us! JS


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