Physical Therapy… ohhhh, I needed that


My PT worked me REALLY HARD yesterday and I was worried I’d be pretty sore this morning, but it’s not the case, which is a big relief. I’m thinking I might get back behind the wheel of my car today and cruise slowly around the neighborhood, maybe even go to the grocery store.

Being incapacitated and dependent upon other people is so boring to me that I can hardly stand it. I remember when I had my other knee replaced and had been unable to drive for about 3 weeks. One day, I was at home by myself and thought: I’M SICK OF THIS. Grabbed my cane, toddled out to the car, wedged myself in and drove to Blockbuster and to Safeway. Came home with 3 movies and some broccoli – which, I’m fairly certain, I didn’t even need – BUT, I felt like I’d just vaulted over the prison wall! It was so empowering!

Stef’s not so sure I’m ready to do this, but she might not get a vote. She’s shooting a wedding today and my adventure might happen while she is gone. Stay tuned. JS


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